Land Trust Services

Land Trusts are private, nonprofit conservation organizations that work with willing landowners and communities to protect streams, forests, farms, scenic vistas, and unique natural and cultural places. We protect natural resources like drinking water sources, farm and timber lands, and wildlife and plant habitats.

Foothills Conservancy’s protection efforts serve and benefit the public for this and future generations. We have helped add thousands of acres to state parks, wildlife gamelands, national forests, and local parks, trails and greenways. These places are preserved so the public can enjoy them for recreation, scenery, wildlife observation, birding, hiking, hunting and fishing.

We also work with interested landowners to permanently protect with conservation agreements their family farms, productive forests, clean waters and scenic natural areas from intensive development and other uses that are incompatible with the properties’ agricultural and/or natural values.

Land trusts like Foothills Conservancy often partner with other conservation organizations and government agencies to increase their effectiveness in seeking funds for protection projects. Funding for conservation acquisitions and private conservation agreements typically comes from a variety of sources, including cash contributions and donations of land and conservation agreements by private individuals, corporations and foundations. For public acquisition and some private conservation agreements, we seek and sometimes secure funding from state and federal natural resource trust funds, including North Carolina’s Clean Water Management Trust Fund, Parks and Recreation Trust Fund, Natural Heritage Trust Fund, Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund and, at the federal level, the Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program.

Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina is a nationally accredited land trust, as designated by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance. Our accredited status demonstrates our staff, board and members’ commitment to permanent land conservation and indicates to the public that Foothills Conservancy meets national quality standards in the management of our organization and the systems and policies we use to protect land.