Linville-Lake James Project

Foothills Conservancy has a limited-time opportunity to purchase and forever preserve the last significant puzzle piece available on Lake James for conservation through public ownership. The Linville arm of Lake James includes more than four miles of undeveloped lakeshore in the viewshed of the Linville Gorge Wilderness.

Adding the tract to Lake James State Park is critical to keeping the waters of Lake James clean and pure for more than two million Carolinians downstream who draw their drinking water from the Catawba River.

It will provide a group camping area for youth, schools , civic groups, families, sportsmen, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Campers will have easy access to recreational facilities planned for Burke County’s new park, to the state game land, the Linville Gorge, the Mountains-to Sea Trail, and the new Fonta Flora Loop Trail around the lake. This important acquisition will also create opportunities for environmental education programming.

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