Places We Protect

Since 1995, Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina has helped permanently protect more than 51,000 acres across the eastern Blue Ridge Mountains and Foothills. Our land and water protection efforts span the region and include many treasured natural places and productive agricultural and timber lands. We focus on saving the magnificent mountain landscapes that rise from the foothills and cradle our natural and cultural heritage. We strive to protect the pristine waters of hundreds of miles of rivers and streams which spring from the Blue Ridge Mountains and that millions of people enjoy and rely upon. We work with willing landowners to protect private farms and forest lands with conservation agreements that ensure these lands will remain productive and forever unchanged. We protect and enhance our region’s trails and scenic byways, which draw millions of visitors each year. Together with our members, partners, and other supporters, we are leaving a legacy of land and water conservation for generations to come.


  • Protection Spotlight

    Wildcat Mountain is the front porch of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a historic corridor associated with the Revolutionary War era and the settlement of western North Carolina.
  • Mountain Landscapes

    The mountain landscapes of western North Carolina remind us of our heritage, rich culture, beautiful scenery, and abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. But these are just a few reasons we must protect our mountains.
  • Rivers & Streams

    Fresh water is an increasingly critical natural resource, and its protection is central to Foothills Conservancy’s mission of land conservation.
  • Private Farms & Forest Lands

    North Carolina’s diverse agriculture industry is the backbone of the state’s economy, adding $32.1 billion and employing 120,000 people in 2009.
  • Trails & Scenic Byways

    There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of our natural world here in the foothills of North Carolina.
  • Our Preserved Lands