Scenic Byways

Three of North Carolina’s Scenic Byways cross Foothills Conservancy’s eight-county region: the Pisgah Loop, circling the Linville Gorge; the Upper Yadkin Way through Happy Valley in Caldwell County; and South Mountains Scenery crossing upper Rutherford and Cleveland counties.

These byways are designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the N.C. DOT. Supported by USDOT Scenic Byways grant funds, Foothills Conservancy has completed protection plans for these three scenic byways to guide our outreach to owners of lands with the highest scenic values. Successes to date include a conservation easement on a scenic 102-acre farm along the Pisgah Loop and two historic farms along the Yadkin Way. Protecting the rural and scenic character along these byways helps to insure that the many thousands of tourists who travel these roads continue to come back and benefit the region’s economy in years to come.