• About Us

  • Overview

    Foothills Conservancy is dedicated to working together with you and others to preserve and protect the places we all love across the eastern Blue Ridge Mountains and Foothills, including watersheds, environmentally significant habitats, and forests and farm lands for this and future generations.
  • Our History

    Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina works to serve and benefit the public by protecting invaluable natural resources, maintaining our region’s cultural heritage and preserving the natural beauty and land and water resources of the eastern Blue Ridge Mountains and Foothills.
  • Our Team

    Foothills Conservancy is staffed by a dedicated team of individuals who love North Carolina and believe its natural resources are too precious to see them disappearing.
  • Board of Directors

    Our board members come from diverse backgrounds, with each individual bringing their expertise to the board in an effort to move forward the cause of preserving western North Carolina's great outdoors.
  • Financials

    Download any of our Annual Reports from the past several years. All reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
  • Partners & Resources